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Choosing the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for You...


 Choosing the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for You...

There are several different types of sprayers on the market today, but generally, they include cup sprayers, air sprayers, airless sprayers, and HVLP sprayers. These sprayers are used for different types of projects and are engineered to help you complete the task quickly and professionally. Understanding the differences in these designs will help you to select what is most suitable for you.

Paint Sprayer Reviews - Understanding the different types of sprayers and what they're used for:

Hand-Held Cup Sprayers: These versatile, little sprayers have really come a long, long way over the years. Ideal for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, these sprayers are small and have the paint container (cup) attached directly to the gun. Electric, they are considered an airless paint sprayer because they do not use air to atomize the paint as it leaves the tip. They are built for frequent, daily use but can be used occasionally for projects and touch-ups.

Airless Paint Sprayer: Used almost exclusively in the residential and commercial painting industry, the airless spray pump is the work horse behind most jobs getting done. The smaller rigs are great for homeowners and handymen alike, but are also used by pros for smaller jobs or where carrying a sprayer up a ladder is required. The difference in coverage, versatility and over-all quality are much better and more easily achievable with this type of sprayer.

Air Sprayer: This type of sprayer (also known as a conventional sprayer) looks a lot like the cup sprayer described above. The difference is that there an air compressor is used as the primary mechanism behind atomizing the paint. This causes the paint to be mixed with air, and tends to shoot the paint in a much finer mist. These tools are used for painting everything from automobiles to cabinets and will provide very slick, glossy finishes when used correctly. Despite being the preferred sprayer for auto-body painters... the overspray is difficult to control and the output is slow when compared to an airless paint sprayer or an HVLP sprayer.

HVLP Paint Sprayer: HVLP stands for high pressure low volume and is almost a hybrid between an airless and an air sprayer. These rigs have become very popular because they are so versatile when painting items like doors, shutters, iron work, fences, furniture and shelving. HVLP sprayers don't put out as much paint as an airless, but they can give an excellent finish when painting trim, doors or shelving. You should consider an HVLP if small items that need to look smooth and professionally painted are your primary tasks.


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