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How to Adjust Gravity-Fed Spray Guns


Gravity-fed spray guns are one of the simplest and most used painting tools for home projects. These paint guns allow novice painters to paint anything from cars to lawn furniture to fences without the hassle of figuring out the details associated with other spray guns. There are basically three areas of adjustment on the gravity-fed spray gun: air inlet, paint inlet and nozzle. Adjusting a gravity-fed spray gun is simple and can take only a few minutes.

Spray a test piece of your project to get an idea of how the gun applies paint. Adjust the small knob at the base of the paint gun to control the air inlet. Screw the knob clockwise to cut down airflow and counterclockwise to increase airflow.

Turn the knob at the base of the paint reservoir clockwise to decrease the amount of paint getting through the nozzle or counterclockwise to increase the amount of paint going through.

Turn the nozzle clockwise to tighten the fan spread of the nozzle or counterclockwise to make the fan wider.

Spray the test project again to see how your adjustments have affected the way the paint is applied. You want a mist of paint, where the droplets are not so big that they run but large enough that they will cover an area when delivered.

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